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This 6-month online course in Sport Psychology will help you gain expertise in this growing field, and provides you with an opportunity to increase knowledge, allowing you to choose a professional career with an excellent employment outlook. Whether you are just starting off, a professional, or an instructor, this course is specifically designed to provide a solid foundation in the fastest-growing field of Sport Psychology.


Course Content:

Unit 1.

  • What is sport psychology
  • Theories of performance
  • Origins of Sports Psychology
  • Assessment of athletes
  • Skills of a Sports Psychologist
  • Neuropsychology and sport 
  • Motivation theories
  • Burnout
  • Excellence in coaching
  • Arousal and Performance
  • Mental conditioning
  • Goal setting
  • Mental Rehearsal.
  • The Relationship between Anxiety and Performance

Unit 2.

How Motivation Affects Sports Performance

Neuropsychology and Sport: An Overview

  1. Cognitive-Motor Learning and Skills Acquisition

  2. Motivation theories The Cognitive Advantage

  3. Motor learning

  4. Cognition

  5. Attention

  6. Kinaesthetic Learning and Styles

Unit 3.

Anxiety, Arousal, and Stress Relationships

    1. Differentiating among the terms Anxiety, Arousal, and Stress

    2. The Multidimensional Nature of Anxiety

    3. Antecedents of Anxiety

    4. Measurement of Anxiety

    5. Time-to-event nature of Precompetitive Anxiety

    6. Heart Activity and Heart Rate Deceleration/Variability Biofeedback

    7. Sport Psychophysiology

    8. Everything you need to know about Sports Biofeedback

Unit 4.

Promotion of Wellness through Sport Psychology

    1. Athletes psychological response to injury 

    2. Psychologist  role in providing social support

    3. Predictors of injury

    4. Physical response to stress

    5. Emotional response to stress

    6. Burnout

    7. Psychological effect of injury on the psychologist

    8. Psychological factors of rehabilitation process

    9. Improving healing process