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The Effects Cocaine Has On The Body

To really understand the gravity of cocaine addiction, we have to get real about its effects on the body. All drugs wreak havoc on an addict, but the long term effects, even after you’ve stopped using, can be truly devastating. No matter how many times you dabble in cocaine, it’s going to have an adverse […]

Recovery Isn’t Just About Stopping The Using

Many people come into treatment and think this is recovery, if I could just stop using/drinking/acting out my life would be fine, it would go back to “normal”. Here’s the thing, what’s normal?Is normal that life you had before you started using/drinking? Is normal the way your life was as a child? HERE ARE THE FACTS, IF YOU […]

Relationships and Managing Expectations in Early Recovery

So often we hear people saying “But why don’t they trust me? I’ve been clean for a few months now, I’ve done 3 months of rehab, surely, they should trust me already.” Firstly, I think we need to look at what a relationship looks like with an addict before we start expecting anything from anyone. If we […]

How To Deal With Anxiety Without Turning To Drugs

Drug addiction triggers uncontrollable behaviours that person becomes unable to control their abuse of medications, cigarettes, alcohol or grubs without taking into account its legality. The main problem relies upon their addiction towards these drugs. It triggers wild practices and renders a man unfit to control their utilisation of prescription, liquor, cigarettes, or medications. It […]

How To Help Someone Going Through Depression

Depression is a debilitating mental illness, one that doesn’t receive nearly as much attention as it should, especially here in South Africa. When a friend or loved one suffers from depression, it’s natural to want to help them, even if the prospect is a touch daunting. Depression is a complex issue, and there’s no simple […]

The Battle Against Tik & Addiction – How Addictive is Tik Really?

All drugs are addictive by nature, but some are certainly more addictive than others. And while all forms of substance addiction should be avoided at all costs, it’s not unfounded to warn potential users of which drugs are most addictive and the effects of their use. Tik, or crystal meth as it’s otherwise known, is […]