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Sports Psychology

What separates good athletes from elite athletes? While skill, talent and athletic ability all factor in, mental skills are the major difference maker. Mental conditioning is useful in all walks of life. Whether you’re on the field, on a date, or in the conference room giving a presentation, we are all looking to get better. Our course will introduce you to concepts like ‘Mental Conditioning’, ‘Goal Setting’, ‘Understanding Performance Anxiety’ ‘Dimensions of Anxiety’, ‘Emotional Response to Stress’ and much more. Enrich every area of your everyday life. Take your time, enjoy the journey.

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Child Psychology

The more we learn as parents, the more we realize how much we did not know how to prepare for the arrival of our wonderful new responsibility. Good parenting, especially if you’re a single mum or dad, is going to protect your next generation against most of the issues that we had to endure before this type of course became available. Take your time, enjoy the journey.

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Emotional Intelligence

Not many homes actually practice ‘emotional intelligence’; in their day-to-day interactions. Yet the fact is, if we truly want to instill relationship enriching qualities into the characters of our families, this course is an absolute ‘must have.’ This course comes highly recommended as a means of gaining a personal sense of ‘self’ and interpersonal relationship understanding. Take your time, enjoy the journey.

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Positive Psychology

Another great offering by Are You Ok? Positive Psychology opens the questions and then provides the answers to daily issues such as ‘Perspectives of Human Behaviours’, ‘Determining Happiness’, ‘Changing Habits’, ‘Strengths and Resilience’ and much more. You’ll find it really difficult not to become a far more comfortable You from this course. Take your time, enjoy the journey.

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Bereavement, Grief and Loss

In the Post-covid, most people know someone who lost someone, or lost a job, or their business went under. This is now the time for us all to join hands, even if only in spirit, and learn how to face up the past and stop it from defining our future. Learning how to recognise the ‘Stages of Grief’, ‘How to Start Again’, ‘Unresolved Issues’, ‘Grief in the Family’ and much more will become a healing balm for all of hurting hearts. Please try to take your time, enjoy the journey.

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Eating Disorders

Our Senior Consultant at Are You Ok has regularly been quoted as saying how “Eating Disorders are some of the most intricate problems to deal with in the counselling context, so the idea of offering this course as a ‘Treatment by Education’ option, should revolutionise the atmosphere of homes where an Eating Disorder resides”. Take your time, enjoy the journey.

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CBT: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

In these times of global confusion and anxiety, CBT Mindfulness becomes an empowerment tool for each of us to manage our own mental and emotional storms.

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The Valley of Addiction

Showing people how and why they became addicted supported by how and why they stayed addicted is quite standard. Going the extra mile and nurturing them into a life-changing recovery process, in the sanctity of their own home, is totally unique.