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Wellness Coaches

Kayla Gous

Resident Psychologist

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to work with people and their well-being. During my education I immersed myself in community service, working with disadvantaged communities and in institutes for individuals with mental disabilities. I graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with an Honours degree in Psychology and an interest in Clinical Psychology.

In 2017, I began work as a counsellor at Bethesda Addictions Treatment Centre becoming passionate about the experience of living with and healing from addiction. Since then, I have worked with individuals battling an array of addictions; ranging from drugs and alcohol to love and disordered eating. I also work with clients suffering with deep-rooted trauma, childhood abuse, anxiety and depression. I have immense affinity towards people and a tremendous passion for the work that I do.

CD Kotze

Wellness coach

leadership, hospitality, workplace culture

Founder & Transformational Coach – 34 Coaching
CD is a pioneering force in the realm of leadership coaching and mental fitness. With a background deeply rooted in hospitality, understanding human behaviour and organisational dynamics, CD brings a unique blend of expertise to the fore.

With a passion for empowering leaders to unlock their full potential, CD specialises in guiding individuals and organisations towards sustainable growth and resilience. His approach to coaching is marked by a profound commitment to authenticity, fostering environments where leaders can thrive authentically.

At 34 Coaching, CD leads a dynamic team of coaches dedicated to revolutionising the landscape of personal, business and leadership coaching. Through a tailored approach, they empower you to navigate challenges with clarity and confidence, fostering cultures and habits of innovation and excellence.

With a diverse portfolio of clients spanning many industries, 34 Coaching has garnered acclaim for its transformative impact on organisations worldwide. From Fortune 500 companies to burgeoning startups, CD and his team are trusted partners in the journey towards personalised excellence.

Jo Mountford

Wellness coach

High performance, athletes, students, schools

High Performance Mindset Coach | Founder Beetit with Jo 
As a coach and therapist, Jo has worked with clients facing various challenges, from overeating and under-eating, to performance anxiety. These experiences sparked Jo’s curiosity about the connection between nutrition, mental health and optimal performance. The foundation of ‘Beet it with Jo’ was built upon such insights, signifying a balance of high performance and superfood nutrition to enhance well-being.

Working closely with professional athletes, including women golfers on the Sunshine Ladies tour, elite swimmers, divers and hockey, netball and tennis players, Jo recognises the importance of having personalised tools that help individuals perform under pressure. Utilising the Red2Blue framework into her coaching practice has enabled Jo to assist teenage springboard divers preparing for championships, guiding divers towards their Olympic dreams and establishing a “plan B” for what happens after the professional sports career.

Resolute that mindset is is the ultimate differentiator between those who achieve greatness and those who fall short, Jo emphasises the importance of training the mind alongside physical skills as part of her coaching methodology. Helping to foster a mindset focused on resilience, determination, and self-belief, Jo has seen athletes transcend limitations and soar to new heights.

Colin & Deanna Garnett

Wellness coaches

Family, Addiction, PTSD, eating disorders, behavioural disorders, substance abuse, spirituality

Colin & Deanna Garnett combined contrasting worlds to create psychological and relationally balanced home environments for themselves and their children, and countless families from around the world.

Deanna comes from a stable family background in South Africa, offering an academic portfolio of BA LLB degrees (English & Law majors). Her work record includes general finance and banking administration, and 16 years small business co-ownership and directorship involving financial management, employee engagement and management, team development, policies and procedures development, and client service delivery.

In her Life Mentor UK role, alongside excellence in administration, communication and time management, her strongest point is in the area of parenting and teaching young children how to study.

Colin, from the UK, comes from a post-traumatic stress related history of substance abuse, family breakdown and relationship chaos. For three decades since, he has dedicated his life to helping vulnerable people and their families, gaining international recognition and life changing results.

Together Colin & Deanna have founded mental health care homes in South Africa positively influencing the lives of those living on the street, in military regimes, politicians and everyone in between, throughout Africa, USA, Europe and UK.

Life Mentor UK provides the founding characteristics of‘Bethesda’, our Trademark registered programme for mental healthcare issues, family empowerment, relationship enrichment and character development.

Founded and directed by Colin and Deanna between 2005 – 2021, Bethesda (formerly in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa) grew from roots of accountability, transparency, integrity and over a decade of personal experience coaching in private clinics throughout Britain and Europe. Gaining international recognition Bethesda became a sought after destination for individuals and families in the grip of addiction, eating and behavioural disorders.

At Life Mentor UK, Colin and Deanna offer 25 years of private sector standards of One to One Mentoring, Relationship Guidance, Conflict Management, Addiction Awareness, Parenting Styles Assessment, Workplace Conflict Resolution, Biblical Counselling and Home Visits.