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About Us

Because you know yourself better than anyone else, you are the best place to start the journey to looking after yourself.

Are You Ok provides the information and tools needed for optimal mental fitness. Support is available anywhere with internet connection and costs about the same as a daily cup of coffee.

We speak your language

Are You Ok courses help you to look after your mental wellbeing wherever you are – in your preferred language – at your own pace.

And when you do want to speak to someone, we’ll connect you with the therapist  right for your requirements.

Who We Are Not

We’re not medical doctors or specialists > we are your cost effective connection to these professionals.

We’re also not quacks > Our online courses are provided by the Behaviour Institute Dublin and vetted and presented by our network of accredited mental health professionals.

Who is Are You Ok for?

We’re all different – Our wellbeing goals are different.

We meet you where you are on your journey and point you in the right direction when you ask.


Post pandemic “mental health” is part of global dialogue. Are You Ok provides information and education on what can seem like a daunting topic.


We recognise that the supporters of those struggling physically and emotionally need support themselves.


We will facilitate your journey to being Ok whether it is working through self guided therapeutic programmes, or connecting you with the Professional best suited to your needs.

How Does Are You Okay Work?

There’s no instant or easy route to reaching our wellbeing goals.
We need to do the work ourselves.

Are you Okay?’ is the bridge to help direct you but you’ll still need to walk across it yourself.

Our core services provide you with the information, education, facilitation and support so you can get yourself to being okay, and staying okay.


Once signed up to the platform, you have access to professionally vetted, exploratory content on a variety of mental health topics. All our free articles, quizzes, blogs, podcasts, and videos, are presented using relatable, real world language and examples. We’re people helping people. No medical jargon or acronyms here.


We believe the best person to help you is you. Through our self-guided programmes you’ll receive tools, exercises and self evaluations to equip you to deal with your specific challenge. Programmes are broken down into bite-sized pieces that can be worked through in any order and accessed as many times as you like.


If you are seeking professional treatment or guidance, ‘Are you Okay?’ connects you to qualified psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health professionals.


If you, or someone you know is struggling you’ll find a list of emergency resources to contact day or night*

*Are You Ok is an information, education and facilitation platform. We are not medical professionals, we do not diagnose or treat. Those requiring urgent medical and mental health support must contact their GP or the relevant emergency support provider.