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Loss, Grief and Bereavement

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This comprehensive programme provides a deep dive into the multifaceted experience of understanding loss and navigating grief.
Begin your exploration with an introduction to loss, grief and bereavement, where you’ll gain a foundational understanding of these concepts and their impact on our lives. Delve into the theories of grief, discovering diverse perspectives that shed light on the grieving process. Examine how cultural, religious, and personal attitudes towards death shape our experiences, challenging your perceptions and broadening your understanding. Navigate the emotional terrain of grief, learning about the unique and varied ways it manifests. Finally, equip yourself with practical strategies and coping mechanisms for recovery, empowering you to support yourself and others through the healing journey.
Grief is not a disruption to our lives, but rather an essential part of it. Understanding our experience of it and allowing ourselves to go through a process of grieving is crucial for our overall well-being and growth.


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