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Detoxification From Substance Addiction


Often and quite rightly so the detox part of treatment for someone addicted to a substance is the most worrying and difficult to successfully overcome. Many people worldwide remain trapped in addiction for years while avoiding the withdrawal effects during detox.

Over the past 20 years through science and medicine, chemists have created substances specifically designed to ease and in some cases almost remove the withdrawal symptoms of addictive substances. Home Detox South Africa specialise in detoxification from substance addiction both with home and rehab treatments. They also provide help, assistance and advice to many general practitioners and medical staff across Africa. It is medically safer now than ever in history to detox from addictive substances.

Many people trapped within addiction are often unaware of the exact withdrawal effects a substance should have on them when they stop using. The psychological (non-physical) withdrawal effects on some individuals can often cause confusion when it comes to detoxing a client safely and professionally. It’s vital that anyone carrying out the detox assessment of a client can establish exactly what substance or mix of substances have been taken. Given South Africa’s large drug problem and unique drugs it’s almost vital that we carry out a drug test (urine analysis). We often find the addicted person was unaware of what they were actually taking, making drug testing a very important tool before offering certain medications for detox support.

The only substances that are physically addictive and cause severe side effects during withdrawal are Alcohol, Opiates (Nyaope/Whonga, Heroin, Codeine etc.) & Benzodiazepines. This does not mean other drugs are not addictive & don’t have withdrawals. It simply means your body will not start physically reacting to the withdrawal with severe and even deadly side effects.

Illegal drugs are usually cut at street level and above to create more profit. Often physically addictive substances are present in small measures of other drugs.

Alcohol, Opiates & Benzodiazepines usage must be identified at the earliest stage so we can prevent withdrawals as much as possible but also to protect the client from potential overdose from other medications. A detox involving all 3 of these substances is possible but complex and long term (dependent on benzo usage) due to way they are designed to bind to our receptors.

For instances of cross addiction where a detox would be classed as complex we would always insist on staying in a controlled detox facility. This allows medical staff to monitor you and ensure safety and comfort throughout. Home Detox South Africa can handle all addiction cases safely, effectively and affordably.

For psychological withdrawal effects created by other drugs (crystal meth, cannabis, mandrax, cocaine etc.) a natural medication can be provided to accelerate detox time, increase appetite and aid sleep. It is recommended by the majority of addiction experts that when some stops using drugs or alcohol they should always look for a programme to increase chances of long term recovery.

If you are suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms it is always recommended to call a medical professional immediately and be honest about the substance you were taking.